Monday, January 02, 2006

Bungal Forest

Photo: Sign at the entrance to Bungal Forest

Walk overview

Length: 16km
Time: 6.5 hours, minimal breaks
Grade: Medium
Region: Port Phillip
Map: Vicmap 1:25,000 Yaloak

"Upstream of the confluence of Moorabool River West Branch and East Branch is a pocket of attractive forest. It is surrounded by undulating farmlands and bordered by Bungal Creek and Moorabool River East Branch. The streams have eroded relatively deep, creating small cliffs, rock pools, and steep interlocking spurs. The forest seems to be rarely visited by walkers. In spring thousands of orchids bloom; in summer swimming in the rock pools could interest many, while in winter the surrounding countryside is emerald green. The forest covers only 7 square kilometres and lies south of Ballan."

Source: 120 Walks in Victoria

My comments

The first half of this walk was quite easy - a couple of short uphill sections, but all along well-defined (mostly 4-wheel drive) tracks. After going bush to walk along the river, the walk got a little more interesting. We had to pick a path to follow the river, taking care not to get too low (we ran out of ground early on), or too high (where later on we lost sight of the river).

We heard shooting (prohibited in state parks) and were a little worried about going too much further south in case we got too close. We ended up cutting west a little too early, and probably shortened the walk by a kilometre or two as a result, finishing about 5 and a quarter hours after we set off.

It was a warm day after rain yesterday and the forest smelled beautiful - fresh eucalyptus and methol. A delightful day.

Photos from this walk

Bungal Forest photos
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